The Nine Most Bizarre things @ Sweet Pete’s Candy

Sweet Pete’s Candy in downtown Jax has 3 stories of amazing candy craziness. One of our favorite things to do is to take people to Sweet Pete’s and go exploring. We look for new candies, bizarre sodas, weird cotton candy flavors and more every time we’re down there. On this week’s visit we decided we’d try to find the nine most bizarre things Sweet Pete’s has to offer. Without further ado here they are:

9. Gummy Pizza– Sold in an actual pizza box gummy pizza is sure to make your loved ones smile.

Sweet Petes - Gummy Pizza

Sweet Petes – Gummy Pizza

8. Chocolate bacon pretzels– Savory, sweet, salty, and crunchy all get rolled into one little ball of joy.

Sweet Petes - Chocolate Bacon Pretzels

Sweet Petes – Chocolate Bacon Pretzels

7. Chocolate high heels– It’s uncanny how realistic these heels look. $29.50 per heel.

Sweet Petes - Chocolate Shoes

Sweet Petes – Chocolate Shoes

6. A humongous 30 lb. gummy snake– For $130 you can take this serpentine friend home to cuddle up next too.

Sweet Petes - Enormous Snake

Sweet Petes – Enormous Snake

5. Weird and amazing cotton candy flavors- Chai, Cinnamon, Carrot cake, pumpkin and every fruit you can think of are available!

Sweet Petes - Cotton Candy

Sweet Petes – Cotton Candy

4. Thanksgiving flavored gumballs– For when you just wish it was November already! Turkey, pumpkin pie, and cranberry gumballs.

Sweet Petes - Thanksgiving Gumballs

Sweet Petes – Thanksgiving Gumballs

3. Buffalo wing flavored soda– This one is a little disturbing…….

Sweet Petes - Buffalo Wing Sauce Soda

Sweet Petes – Buffalo Wing Sauce Soda

2. Gravy candy– The ingredients actually list artificial beef flavor. Gag gift?

Sweet Petes - Gravy Candy

Sweet Petes – Gravy Candy

1. Pete himself– Who’s more bizarre than Pete? He’s been called the Willy Wonka of Jacksonville but to us he’s The Mad Scientist of Candy.

Sweet Pete

Sweet Pete

  1. Had the pleasure of making candy bars at Sweet Pete’s a few weeks ago and it was fun! I was in awe of the decor. That’s almost as interesting as the candy flavors. I stopped and pondered those chocolate bacon pretzels. It’s for sure next time I’ll try them. Be sure to get a bowl of ice cream and take a good look at who may be your server. What a charming young man who is well on his way to success in any sales field he chooses. After watching the “Pete/Marcus” story, it was a pleasure to see what they’ve created.

  2. My son’s class came here on a field trip today. They enjoyed this experience, however…a 9 year old boy was allowed to purchase a cigarette butt! Not cool!

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