[CLOSED] New Thai And Sushi Spot To Try

If you love Thai food, we’ve got a new spot for you. Pat Thai and Sushi, located in Regency near Home Depot and the Ale House at 9527 Regency Square Blvd Ste 6, is the newest Thai restaurant to hit the scene. With both Thai and Japanese influences, Pat Thai offers all your Thai favorites, fresh sushi, plus some fun chef specialties.

When you walk inside Pat Thai and Sushi you notice it is small, but inviting. The inside of the restaurant transports you out of a strip mall and into a southeast Asian atmosphere. There are handcrafted decorations on the walls and a faux roof in the architectural style of southeastern Asia leading to the sushi bar. The furniture is all polished wood, along with the textured walls. The music is calm, making this a friendly, welcoming environment.

Mango Juice

We started off with mango juice because it was a treat to see on a menu. This mango juice was sweet and thick, served in a chalice style glass. We also had the appetizer sampler which consisted of three different types of spring rolls: veggie, cheese, and shrimp and chicken, with a Thai peanut dipping sauce and an oil based dipping sauce. These were all delicious. The veggie spring roll was straightforward, except the cabbage and carrots tasted fresh. The cheese spring roll did not have any other filling besides cream cheese, but our American palates were all about it. The shrimp and chicken roll was a fantastic combination, with a good amount of meat in the typically skinny spring roll. Next we shared the shrimp pad thai. It was above average pad thai with a lot of flavor and the sweetness from the shrimp was a nice touch. We went with the green curry, which was a fantastic choice. It had purple potatoes, green beans, bamboo shoots, peppers, and chicken. It was a lovely combination of ingredients.  Pat Thai has recently added sushi to their menu, so we had to try some. The chef made a special sushi roll for us with smoked salmon, cream cheese, krab, cucumber, and avocado, all in a soy wrapper, topped with salmon and tuna and a jalapeno slice. This roll was awesome. The jalapenos gave a little kick to the smoked salmon. Or you could take them off and enjoy the flavors melding in your mouth without any spiciness. The Yum Yum dipping sauce was a brighter orange and had more going on than I have experienced anywhere else. One of us loved it, one of us did not. We both loved the sushi, however, and the chef can make just about any roll for you that you don’t see on the menu. We stuck around for dessert and the chef had a special surprise. You’ll often see mango sticky rice as a dessert in Thai restaurants, but the chef wanted to try something new and made us banana sticky rice with honey and chocolate sauce. Lawd! Go get this. It’s pretty simple, but it just worked. After trying a variety of the menu items at Pat Thai, we stuffed ourselves with the banana sticky rice dessert. The rice was perfect, the chocolate sauce was around the plate, but not on the dessert, so you could have as much or as little as you wanted. It wasn’t overly sweet, just a perfect ending to a delightful Thai and Japanese meal.

Green Curry

The service at Pat Thai was great! As soon as we walked in we were greeted and invited to choose our table. The server was polite and checked on us frequently to make sure we were doing okay. We were there at a bit of an inbetween time in mid-afternoon, but we weren’t the only table. Pat Thai is a small restaurant and there are only a few staff members, but we saw other tables being taken care of with the same warmth and attention as ours.

Pat Thai and Sushi is definitely a new place to put on your list to try. It’s not fancy, but it has flair and does the standards well, with a few extra tricks to try. We love eating local and Pat Thai is the perfect place to do that.

Appetizer Sampler

Pad Thai With Shrimp


Sushi, ready for a close up

Banana Sticky Rice


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