House of Dog – Guest Review of Our Newest Kosher Hot Dog Place! [CLOSED]



Our review today comes from Katrice of High Heels and Good Meals, one of our favorite bloggers in town.  While we clearly don’t have her same eye for fashion, we love her restaurant reviews.


Hey Dolls!

A friend and I recently had the opportunity to attend the Grand Opening of a new restaurant in Mandarin called House of Dog!  I had never heard of this restaurant before but it is well known in South Florida and has now made its way to Jacksonville!  With a name like House of Dog, the most I expected was a restaurant that specializes in gourmet hot dogs.  Well is was that and a little more.   Not only do they serve hot dogs but burgers, sausages, chicken fingers, fries, pastrami, salads, and more!  At the event we were instantly greeted with a smile.  The restaurant had a lot of personality with vintage decor and a really cool sign that says “All Beers Go to Heaven”.  Speaking of beers, we were informed that they have a few (I think 3-4) craft beers on tap.

House of Dog - Miami Heat

House of Dog – Miami Heat

The servers were very knowledgeable and friendly.  They had a constant flow of food for us to sample.  The first sampling was of their chicken fingers, fries, and onion rings.  By looking at it, I just knew I’d be in for a real treat.  However, when I bit into my chicken finger,  I felt like there was a little something missing in the flavor department.  I got the same feeling when I tried the “Miami Heat”  hotdog that was topped with chili, sauteed onions, pickled jalepeno, and wasabi mayo. Great ingredients but a lack of flavor.  All was not lost when I bit into the “Dracula” burger!  It was juicy and delicious!  It came with buffalo sauce, sauteed onions and peppers, and sauerkraut. Thank goodness for the burger because I was starting to question my taste buds.

House of Dog - Dracula

House of Dog – Dracula


While sitting back and enjoying the scenery we decided to look into the menu to see what else they offer.  We were blown away at the prices!!!  Smores cost $11 bucks!!!  I could not wrap my mind around smores costing that much.  The hot dogs and burgers could get up to $20 with the right toppings.  I mean the burger was tasty but not $20 worth of tasty.  The menu itself was pretty lengthy and to be honest, a bit confusing as well. To get a better understanding, we called over one of the friendly servers who walk us through the menu and informed us that the restaurant is completely Kosher which calls for prices to be higher. She even told us there’s a Rabbi on staff to make sure only Kosher items are brought into the restaurant.

House of Dog - Chix

House of Dog – Chix

I don’t believe I’ve ever been in a 100% Kosher restaurant before so I think it’s great that Jacksonville has one like this for those who are on completely Kosher diets.

House of Dog - Menu

House of Dog – Menu


Overall, the event was nice but I left very hungry.  Unfortunately, I’ll have to go somewhere else whenever I’m in the mood for a hotdog.  I can’t fathom ever paying more than $5 for one let alone $16-$20.

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