River & Post, One of Jax’s Best New Restaurants!

River & Post in Riverside opened at the end of 2017 and has become quite a favorite for many local foodies since. They got off to a little bit of a bumpy start figuring out the right team of chefs but over time they’ve found their groove. We’ve been for lunch and we’ve been for dinner and we are here to tell you all the ways to LOVE River & Post. It’s quickly becoming one of our favorites and certainly should be considered to be one of the best new restaurants in Jax.

River & Post, 1000 Riverside Ave

The first thing you’ll notice about River & Post is the space. It is built out beautifully into a dining room with a variety of seating options, wood details, layered lighting, an outdoor dining patio, a full bar, and an elevator up to the rooftop with another bar and the best rooftop and view in the city. We noted on our recent visit that while there are many truly delicious locally owned restaurants in Jax, our food scene is a bit lacking on ambiance. River & Post hits that note perfectly. It’s a comfortable place to enjoy a meal that feels purposeful and well thought out.

River & Post Dining Room

Now, let’s talk about some food. River & Post offers a wide variety fresh seafood, plus land favorites such as hangar steak, and plenty of yummy appetizers and shareable dishes. For lunch we have tried the Sherry Glazed Chorizo (parsley and cherry flambe, $6), Cola Braised Pork Belly Sliders (watermelon cress salad, sesame lime vinaigrette, $10), and the Roasted Turkey Club (bacon, lettuce, tomato, terragon balsamic aioli, farmhouse bread, $9). I’m sorry to start with the highlight, but the Sherry Glazed Chorizo is one of the most delicious things we have eaten this year. The sherry parsley flambe is a fully developed flavor profile that you will want to lick from the bowl, Beauty and the Beast style. It comes with a couple of slices of toasted farm bread to soak up all that juicy goodness. We’re only sad that this is only on the lunch menu so we can’t get it any time. The Cola Braised Pork Belly Sliders are fantastic, and also on the dinner menu as an appetizer, so you can get them whenever you go. The Turkey Club is a sleeper hit. It doesn’t sound altogether exciting, but the terragon balsamic aioli and farmhouse bread elevate this sandwich to more than your average nosh.

River & Post Sherry Glazed Chorizo

For dinner we have had the House Smoked Fish Dip (local pickled jalapenos, buttered baguette, $6), Chef’s Ceviche of the Day (passion fruit, key lime, plantain chips, $8), Hangar Steak Au Poivre (crispy onion rings, creamy spinach, $24), Mayport Shrimp and Grits (smoked gouda grits, lobster fumet, $22), and the Broiled Ocean Platter (cognac thermador butter, $26). The smoked fish dip was fine. It wasn’t the most exciting thing we ate, but it did the job. If you like smoky flavors this is for you. If you are iffy on fish or smoky dishes, skip this one and pick something that meets your preferences. If you are a ceviche fan, you won’t want to miss the ceviche of the day. Served in a margarita glass, garnished with an edible flower, and surrounded by copious plantain chips, the ceviche is tangy and fresh. The hanger steak is prepared to your preference, generous in portion, topped with two beefy onion rings and served with creamy creamed spinach and small rainbow potatoes that are perfect for dredging in some of the jus from the steak. Not only is the hangar steak delicious, it’s the perfect choice whether it’s exactly what you’re in the mood for or if you default to it because you can’t decide. You won’t be disappointed. The shrimp and grits at River & Post made our recent top five list for shrimp and grits. With the smoked gouda grits and lobster fumet, these aren’t just diner shrimp and grits. These are the fine dining shrimp and grits your southern dreams are made of. The lobster fumet is like a lobster bisque to finish one of the most perfect dishes the Lord ever created. You can enjoy River & Post’s shrimp and grits at brunch, lunch, or dinner. The Broiled Ocean Platter is a stellar dish for seafood lovers. It comes with fish (it was flounder the day we had it), shrimp, and scallops, with a sinful butter sauce, mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. This was one of the most enjoyable seafood dishes I have had anywhere in recent memory. If you like seafood you should seriously consider trying this, with such a nice variety of fruits of the sea.

River & Post Hangar Steak

Currently River & Post is only able to offer drinks on the rooftop, but whether you go to enjoy dinner in the dining room or drinks on the roof, you need to take the elevator to the top and walk out onto the rooftop to take in the sights. It is a breathtaking view of our city from the Riverside neighborhood, overlooking the river and downtown Jax.

River & Post Rooftop

River & Post is a stand-out addition the the Riverside dining scene. It’s a great option for a nice dinner out whether you need a place for date night or a place to celebrate something special. It doesn’t matter when you go- for lunch or dinner there is something delicious to eat. We can’t wait to try their just launched brunch!

River & Post Broiled Ocean Platter

River & Post Turkey Club

River & Post Fresh Seafood

River & Post Smoked Fish Dip

River & Post Petite Filet Mignon

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