Five Points Restaurant Abruptly Closes Its Doors

Five Points Tavern sits on Margaret Street in Five Points, in a little white building with copious patio seating. Or at least, it did. The building is for lease, the phone number is disconnected, and Five Points Tavern has disappeared from social media.

Five Points Tavern is the latest casualty in a merciless industry. We are sad to see it go. What started as a divine little neighborhood fine dining spot then turned into a refined meatballs and burgers place in order to adapt. They ultimately closed their doors without any pomp and circumstance.

Five Points Tavern – Spicy Pork Meatballs

We recently looked over our hundreds and hundreds of reviews and articles to mark the ones that have closed. In five years we have written about 75+ restaurants that are no longer open. Sure, some weren’t too great. But many were fantastic. It takes a lot to make a restaurant work.

It matters where you spend your dollars. Eat local.

Five Points Tavern – Margaret Street Cocktail

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