[CLOSED] Il Desco – New Fall Menu, New Fall Flavors

Il Desco, Riverside’s modern Italian eatery has launched a new menu for the fall season.  The new menu focuses on the savory, warm flavors of the season.  The folks at Il Desco were gracious enough to share with us this recipe for one of their new dishes.  

Il Desco - Whole Roasted Chicken

Il Desco – Whole Roasted Chicken

Whole Roasted Chicken with Vinegar Potatoes and Sun Dried Tomatoes


1 whole chicken

1 lemon

5 sprigs thyme

5 sprigs Rosemary

5 sprigs sages

1/4 cup mayonnaise

Salt and Black Pepper

  1. Salt and pepper the inside of the chicken’s cavity.
  2. Stuff halved lemon and herbs inside, truss chicken’s wings and legs.
  3. Rub outside of chicken with mayonnaise and sprinkle on salt and pepper.
  4. Roast chicken in oven on 375* F until internal temperature reaches 165* F.
  5. Pull chicken and rest on roasting rack.  We like to rest our chickens for the same time it took to cook them. Ex. 45 minutes cooking/45 minutes rest.  This step keeps the birds moist and juicy.
  6. We then reheat chicken slightly to order.  Serve with vinegar potatoes and sun dried tomatoes.

Vinegar Potatoes & Sun Dried Tomatoes:

5 Red Bliss Potatoes

1 qt Distilled vinegar

1/8 cup salt

1/8 cup sun dried tomatoes

  1. Simmer potatoes on low for 3 hours until exceptionally tender.
  2. Cool potatoes in vinegar to achieve maximum flavor.
  3. Quarter potatoes and roast in chicken fat until golden.
  4. Toss tomatoes in warm chicken fat.
  5. Plate together garnished with sage.

Serve with whatever sauce you prefer.  At the restaurant, they simmer veal bones with sage for hours to create a rich sage demi glacé.  But with such rich, fall flavors this dish is sure to taste delicious no matter what you serve it with.  Next time you’re up for cooking something new, we hope you’ll give it a shot and share the results with us in the comments below.

Il Desco

Il Desco

Photos courtesy of Il Desco.

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