Lucky’s Market- Beaches Shoppers are in Luck

Lucky’s Market opened its 11th store in Florida and 24th store nationwide this past December in our very own Neptune Beach. It has commanded quite a presence, so we thought we would check it out for all of you.

Lucky’s Market was the brainchild of Denver, Colorado chefs Trish and Bo Sharon. Outside of their commercial kitchen lives they had gotten in the habit of going to separate stores for different types of ingredients- health food stores, farmer’s markets, gourmet stores, and conventional grocery stores. They knew there had to be a better way to get natural, organic, quality food and products without paying through the nose and tramping all over town with a grocery list. So they created a store that solved their problem. Lucky’s Market bills itself as “Organic for the 99%”.

Honey Bar

Lucky’s Market took over the former Ace Hardware space on Atlantic Beach, which is a laudable move. None of us are thrilled with more development and suburban sprawl and Lucky’s found a preexisting spot that fit their company model. It’s not a small store, but the space feels well thought out. There is a cafe area for purchasing and dining in on sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and other yummies.

You know when you go to the grocery store hungry? Or when you finish shopping and you are so exhausted you can hardly think of cooking? Lucky’s has you covered. There is also the (in)famous Lucky’s sip and stroll. Grab a beverage holder for your cart and slip a $3 pint of beer or $2 glass of wine in to enjoy during your shopping trip. I mean, come on! Just take all my money, Lucky’s I will gladly give it to you for this stroke in genius. We did not take the opportunity to enjoy the sip and stroll on our visit, but you better believe we’ll be back for some leisurely shopping.

Sip & Stroll!

Lucky’s Kitchen will remind shoppers of other gourmet and natural grocery stores with its prepared dishes and self-serve bars. Nothing struck us as super out of the ordinary in the “Kitchen” area, but there were plenty of options and it’s an easy way to get dinner on the table. That’s our kind of meal prep…

Lucky’s Kitchen

Another area of the store that natural-minded shoppers are sure to celebrate is the Apothecary. Lucky’s carries a variety of natural bath, body, and health products. Some are packaged and some are available in bulk at the wellness bar. The wellness bar has things like turmeric root, spinach powder, and hibiscus to concoct your own product blends with. They also have essential oil diffusers operating. There is much to see and explore in the Apothecary.

Lucky’s Wellness Bar

Lucky’s other departments include bulk items (grains, nuts, honey, etc.), beer and wine, fresh produce, seafood, meat, bakery, and truly local products. Some of the more exciting things we found were Smash Mallows: gourmet marshmallows in flavors such as mint chocolate chip, cinnamon churro, espresso bean, and toasted coconut pineapple. We also spied locally produced toffees, chips, honey, and other candies.

Local Yummies

Overall Lucky’s is a fresh addition to the sea of grocery stores, especially natural grocery stores in the Jacksonville area. They offer some things you can find elsewhere, but have an impressive list of things you can find nowhere else. We’re looking at you, sip and stroll.

Bring Me All The Yums

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