Gluten Free Eats For Our Jax Gluten Free Foodies

We have and will continue to update this list as we learn of new options. Let us know in the comments if your favorite GF spot needs to be added. 

We at JRR are practically card carrying gluten eaters. We will admit, we have occasionally rolled an eye when we’ve heard “is that gluten free?” But we have a growing number of friends who have been diagnosed with Celiac or other medical conditions where gluten is no longer a part of their lives. And those friends deserve good food, too. With love in our hearts and procrastination on our minds we researched and came up with this list of restaurants that are completely gluten free or have good gluten free options.

Jessica and Jennifer this is for you. If your name is not Jessica or Jennifer and you cannot have gluten, then this is for you, too. We love you and we wish you nothing but delicious food that doesn’t interfere with your body function.

Foo Dog Curry Traders
869 Stockton St. Jacksonville, FL 32204
Foo Dog Curry Traders is a new Asian-inspired fast casual restaurant that has made the choice to be 100% gluten free. Everything on the menu is an option!

Epik Burger
12740 Atlantic Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32246
Epik Burger has 15 burgers, 4 salmon burgers, 5 chicken burgers, 5 veggie burgers, and all 9 french fry options available gluten free. No items containing gluten ever go on the grill, and a separate toaster is used for their gluten free buns. Epik Burger sources the freshest ingredients without gluten to make some of the most delicious gourmet burgers in Jax. As long as you choose one of the GF burgers ask for a GF bun, and order your milkshake without a cookie straw, you’re in the clear!

Epik Burger - Bacon Cheese Fries

Epik Burger – Bacon Cheese Fries

1986 San Marco Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32207
You wouldn’t think of an Italian fine dining restaurant as one having tons of GF options, but Taverna continues to impress. Of their 32 item dinner menu, 20 of them are GF. Taverna prefers to include dishes that are naturally GF, but has also recently added  GF pasta and pizza. At Taverna you will find fresh ingredients prepared expertly into a variety of delicious dishes.

Kathy’s Table
7065 Phillips Hwy Jacksonville, FL 32216
Kathy’s Table is a completely GF and DF meal prep and food delivery service. You can go to the their retail store to check out the options or choose a meal plan to be delivered and order online.

1020 Park St. Jacksonville, FL 32204
MotionSweets recently launched their breakfast program, which is chock-full of flour based pastries. However, their roots are in French macarons, the GFer’s dessert delight. MotionSweets offers GF French macarons every day, but be aware that a few flavors contain gluten ingredients such as cinnamon toast crunch.

Motion Sweets - Macarons

Motion Sweets – Macarons

At The Droptz Bake Shoppe
Jacksonville Farmers Market
1810 West Beaver Street Jacksonville, FL 32209
At The Droptz Bake Shoppe is a local bake shop offering some GF goodies at the Jacksonville Farmers Market and at some local events like Art Walk. Not everything is GF, but there are always GF options. Some pastries while you shop for produce? Please and thank you!

Sippers Coffeehouse
7643 Gate Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32256
Sippers is a local coffee shop with very loyal customers. It’s slightly off the beaten path on Gate Parkway, but it’s a great place to hang out. Aside from coffee and beverages they offer sandwiches and bakery items, with some GF options every day. They often have vegan options as well.

Sweet Theory
1243 King St. Jacksonville, FL 32204
Known as the allergen-free bakery, Sweet Theory creates sweet delights that are free of eggs, dairy, soy, and peanuts. Sweet Theory offers GF treats daily.

Corner Taco
818 Post St. Jacksonville, FL 32204
A former food truck, Corner Taco offers inspired tacos on corn tortillas. Most things are GF, but not denoted on the menu. Just ask a crew member to make sure your order is GF. Note that flour tortillas are offered as well.

Brooklyn Station
90 Riverside Ave. #603 Jacksonville, FL 32202
Grabbagreen is a national chain of 100% GF meals, snacks, smoothies, and juices. For meals you’ll find grain boxes, green boxes, collard wraps, hash and fruit bowls. Even the kids mac n cheese is made with quinoa noodles.

Kairos Nutrition Bar
14185 Beach Blvd Suite 1A Jacksonville, FL 32250
Kairos is a healthy food spot to get a meal, juice, or smoothie. It is not entirely GF, but much of the menu is. There are a multitude of combinations in making your own bowls, or you can get tacos on corn tortillas.

Tinseltown area
4375 Southside Blvd Suite 12 Jacksonville, FL 32216
St. John’s Town Center
4668 Town Crossing Dr #105 Jacksonville FL 32246
Tossgreen is a locally owned fast-casual healthy food restaurant with tons of GF flavors. Nothing is denoted as GF, but the salads and bowls are nearly all GF. The restaurant does offer sandwiches, wraps and burritos on wheat based bread and tortillas, but otherwise Tossgreen has extensive GF options with the endless combinations of salads and bowls.

Gluten Free Delights Florida
A 100% GF bakery, Gluten Free Delights bakes in Ponte Vedra and sells their goodies at local farmers markets. Cakes, layer cakes, scones, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, quickbreads, and biscuits, Gluten Free Delights is every GFer’s dream come true. With unfortunate timing, Gluten Free Delights is taking the summer months off at the Beaches Green Market, but other times of the year you can catch GF desserts every Saturday from 2-5 at Jarboe Park.

Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails
St. John’s Town Center
4972 Big Island Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32246
Moxie does an exceptional job meeting the dietary needs of guests as much as possible. With separate menus for vegan, vegetarian, and GF guests, anyone can enjoy a meal at Moxie. The GF lunch menu contains 16 items and the GF dinner menu contains 32 items, both including a few sandwiches offered on GF buns.

Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails - Deviled Eggs

Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails – Deviled Eggs

Restaurant Orsay
3630 Park St. Jacksonville, FL 32205
One of the best fine dining restaurants in Jax, Orsay has an entire GF menu, just ask your server. The GF menu is generous in size and variety, though they do not offer GF bread alternatives. All the options naturally do not contain gluten. Options include raw bar, soups, salads, appetizers, entrees, and sides.

Southern Roots Filling Station
1275 King Street Jacksonville, FL 32204
Southern Roots is known for their plant-based meals, delicious coffee, and sliding scale rice n’ beans bowl. Not everything is GF, but there are always healthy, vegan, GF options. Plus coffee.

Bistro Aix
1440 San Marco Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32207
Bistro Aix has been a bulwark of fine dining in San Marco for years. GF options are clearly marked on Lunch and Dinner menus. No GF substitutions are available for breads and such, but about half of the menu is naturally gluten free.

Pattaya Thai
Riverside: 1526 King St, Jacksonville, FL 32204
Southside: 9551 Baymeadows Rd #1, Jacksonville, FL 32256
Pattaya Thai has been a Jacksonville family owned restaurant for almost three decades. It started as an Asian food store and small cafe and has grown to two full restaurants. The menus are not the same at the two locations, so be sure to hit up both spots. Pattaya Thai offers over 30 menu items that can be made GF, plus they have a lot of vegan options.

European Street Cafe
Riverside: 2753 Park St. Jacksonville, FL 32205
San Marco: 1704 San Marco Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32207
Southside: 5500 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32207
Jax Beach: 992 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32250
This is where you can (maybe) go for your carb fix. European Street offers a GF hero roll for all of their sandwiches whose contents are GF. The GF menu has 27 items including some vegan options. European Street Cafe is up front about the fact that all food is prepared on shared surfaces, so keep that in mind for cross-contamination purposes. However, they don’t bake their own bread so there is likely less gluten in the air than other establishments.

Hangar Bay
2294 Mayport Rd. Atlantic Beach, FL 32233
Hangar Bay serves up comfort food in the form of ramen and fried chicken. Almost nothing is naturally GF, but they do have GF noodles for their six varieties of ramen.

Si Señor Fresh Mex
3546 St Johns Bluff Rd S #103, Jacksonville, FL 32224
As one of the top authentic Mexican spots in town, Si Señor is specially equipped to accommodate GF (and DF) diets. As GFers know, true Mexican tacos are made with soft corn tortillas. the first thing you’ll see on the menu at Si Señor is Mexican Tacos- served on corn tortillas with your choice of meat, onions, and cilantro. Plus there are a variety of other Mexican dishes that contain no gluten. Si Señor also recently expanded and now has a full bar, so it’s a one stop GF taco and margarita stop.

An institution at the beach for almost a decade now, TacoLu is like any number of Mexican restaurants in that it’s easy to order GF. Corn tortillas are available for any taco plus there’s tequila. Olé!


There are a number of places that offer GF pizza and everyone has their favorites. The top three chain pizzerias we hear are Your Pie, Pieology, and Mellow Mushroom. The local pizza places are Mama Q’s,  Joseph’s, and Tommy’s Brick Oven Pizza. Each of these pizzerias cooks all pizzas in the same oven, so there can be some cross-contamination depending on sensitivity, but many Celiac sufferers eat these pizzas with no problems. Your Pie will specifically go and prepare your pizza in a dedicated GF space with separate utensils to keep the cross-contamination to an absolute bare minimum.

Your Pie
Tapestry Park
4828 Deer Lake Dr. W. Jacksonville, FL 32246
Fleming Island
1545 County Road 220

Pieology Pizzeria
St. Johns Town Center
4624 Town Crossing Drive #125 Jacksonville, FL 32246

Mellow Mushroom
Avondale: 3611 St. John’s Ave Jacksonville, FL 32205
Tinseltown: 9734 Deer lake Court #1 Jacksonville, FL 32246
Jax Beach: 1018-2 N. 3rd St. Jacksonville Beach. FL 32250
River City Town Center (Airport): 15170 Max Leggett Pkwy Jacksonville, FL 32218
Fleming Island: 1800 Town Center Blvd. Fleming Island, FL 32003

Mama Q’s Pizza
10550 Old St. Augustine Rd. #6 Jacksonville, FL 32257
Mama Q’s is on our list of top 6 best pizza places in Jax for their consistent quality pies. We especially love their Mashed Potato Pie. Mama Q’s offers a GF crust in one size. They cut all of their veggies fresh, weigh each ingredient as it goes on the pie for consistency and quality, plus they have tons of fun specialty pizzas.

Joseph’s Pizza
Northside: 7316 N. Main St. Jacksonville, FL 32208
Atlantic Beach: 30 Ocean Blvd Atlantic Beach, FL 32233
60+ years of local pizza make Joseph’s a favorite for the gluten eaters of Jax. The majority of Joseph’s menu is pizza, pasta, and bread, so expect gluten to be around. However, Joseph’s offers a 12” (medium) GF pizza, and with nearly 40 toppings you can have it anyway you like it. They also have sautéed mussels which are presumed GF if ordered without the accompanying bread.

Tommy’s Brick Oven Pizza
4160 Southside Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32216
Tommy’s is one we hear about frequently from locals, and not just aout GF pizza. The ownership at Tommy’s has been affected by Celiac and for that reason has offered a GF pizza for nine years! They also offer GF wherever possible, such as their housemade salad dressings, cookies, and cheesecake. The even have GF beer and cider!

There you have it! There are a lot more gluten free options in Jax than we realized. Go forth and eat!

Pi Day @ Your Pie

  1. Tommy’s Brick Oven has GF pizza that is made in a separate area with separate ingredients, the owner is GF so he understands about cross contamination and it is delicious! Also, V’s pizza has a dedicated GF area and their pizza is excellent!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Many of these are truly great. Just please be careful those of you who are dining with Celiac Disease there are a few places on here that have issues with cross contamination. Please talk to your server before ordering or ask for a manager.

  3. Add Si Senor, 3546 St. Johns Bluff, JacksonvilleFL 32224, to your list of restaurants that accommodate Gluten (and dairy) free patrons.

  4. “Gluten Free Eats For Our Jax Gluten Free Foodies” was well written and near and dear to me, as my son Tom has Celiac disease. Because of that, at our restaurant,Tommy’s Pizza on Southside Blvd., we were the first Pizzeria in Jax to offer GF Pizza almost nine years ago. If possible, rectifying the omission of listing our restaurant in your story would be most appreciated.
    As a result of Tom’s Celiac condition, in addition to GF Pizza, we also feature GF items wherever possible; such as our made on premise salad dressings, cookies, and cheesecake. We also have GF beer and cider.

  5. Currently at Si Senor, and dissapointed. I would really like to know what gave the author the ideas that Si Senor Fesh Mex is “specially equipped” to handle GF diets for a person with Celiac. The staff didn’t seem to know what gluten even was, they do mot have a GF or allergy menu, and cross contamination still damages and makes Celiac sufferers sick. This restaurant is not even remotely Celiac friendly. If you are just trying to avoid the obvious flour tortilla, you can do that anywhere, but there is nothing special or gluten free about Si Senor Fresh Mex. Sitting here unable to eat whIle my family does, because we drove across town to try this place out. Please do your homework before you make such claims.

    • I’m so sorry that happened to you. The reference was to the restaurant being authentic Mexican, which is frequently naturally GF. There is currently only one completely GF restaurant in town- Foo Dog Curry Traders.
      We’ll change the wording on Si Señor to make it more clear.

  6. Hi Lisa,

    I wanted to thank you for your article which included my new bake shoppe at the Jacksonville Farmer’s Market. I believe in serving everyone which especially those with food allergies. This is why I have a growing list of GF, Vegan and Vegetarian items at my shoppe. Everyone should enjoy some sweets some times. The market is renovating but that doesn’t keep us from serving our customers so if you stop by don’t be surprised with the dust at the market. Once again, thanknyou so very much and I look forward to Jacksonville enjoying not just my Gluten-free treats but all of my treats

    Raisin Droptz, LLC.
    At The Droptz Bake Shoppe

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