[CLOSED] Interview With Rolz Food Truck

Introduce us to the chef and the type of food you serve at Rolz food truck.

Both owners Brad Barzloski and Michael Tumlin collaborate together in the kitchen to come up with our Fusion Rolz product. We have a unique product that we developed out of a need for quality “foodie “food in a handheld environment. Our Food has been compared to an oversized Egg Roll or Chimichanga but because we can add any ingredient and bread in anything our product is much more than those comparisons.

Tell us about your cooking background.

Michael is a self taught cook but gained most of his culinary experience working at multiple restaurants and experimenting at home.
Brad has 12 years in restaurant management experience and his culinary side was developed from traveling abroad and working in various chains and independent restaurants.

Rolz - Chicken and Waffles

Rolz – Chicken and Waffles

How long has Rolz been rolling through Jax? What have been some unexpected challenges along the way?

ROLZ has been in development for 2 years and we started doing special events here in July.

It seems like we have tons of challenges each day but the big one has been keeping up with demand for the product and deciding on where to place our truck each day.

What made you decide to open a food truck?

The demand for our product was growing so we decided to get a truck so we could travel to places that can’t get our product at one of the local bars that we distribute to.

Rolz - Buffalo Rolz

Rolz – Buffalo Rolz

What sort of cuisine is served at Rolz? What made you decide to serve this type of cuisine?

Hard to explain but some say it reminds them of a really large egg roll with awesome ingredients, Breading and Sauces. We developed the idea because it was something different but could still be able to house all of the classic meals in a handheld food creation.

Walk us through the menu. What dish should our readers make sure not to miss?
We have over 100 recipes because the Rolz can hold anything but right now you would not want to miss THE BUFF with Grilled chicken, Cheddar Cheese, and Bacon tossed in our Buffalo Ranch Yogurt Sauce. The Buff is breaded in Doritos and is the favorite of many. The Rol that sells out the quickest is our Chicken and Waffles which is breaded in captain crunch and served with a maple cinnamon chili glaze.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Jax and why?

I have to take a pass here because there is so much good food here in jax. We LOVE Hawkers, Four Rivers, Taco Lu, Lola’s, and of course all of the food trucks.

Do you have regular locations you setup? Where can our readers keep up with locations you’re going to be at?
We are part of Jax Truckes so we are on their daily line up. Right now we are doing the Scream park called the Dungeons at the Clay County Fairgrounds so that keeps us busy over the weekend but during the week we have multiple locations throughout Jacksonville.

Share with us an interesting or funny story from your time out on the truck.

We are pretty wild on the Truck so I can’t point out one story. Its always a blast with us. Our truck is painted in chalkboard and we allow people to write on it but it is hilarious when we catch someone that is about to write on it and we ask them what they are doing.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Hope to meet all the readers soon ! Thanks for the support.

Rolz - The Truck!

Rolz – The Truck!

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