Andy’s Farmers Market Grill – Grab a Quick Cheap Bite Before Grabbing Some Produce

Near the entrance of the Farmers Market sits Andy’s Farmers Market Grill.  Serving Breakfast and Lunch six days a week Andy’s is one of my go to places for lunch when I’m near by.  If you’ve been to the farmers market on a weekday you know that there’s not a lot of prepared options available.  I have not been on a Saturday, but most other days Andy’s tends to pull the pull the blue-collar crowd.  Because there are trucks coming and going from the Farmers Market most of the morning traffic seems to remain steady.
Obviously being in the farmers market you expect the produce to be fresh.  Generally this is the case with a few rare exceptions.
I realize it’s sort of a dumb thing to be critical of, but most of their signs are red with yellow text.  This makes them pretty hard to read.  Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy.  In any case, you walk up to the counter and order then walk to the cash register at the end to pay. This means that most of the time there are take-out customers milling about and confusing everyone about who order next.  It’s not really all that efficient, but I often fine myself chatting with the folks waiting for their food.  It’s a fine place to go if you’re grabbing a quick lunch on your own as you’ll make some conversation while your food is prepared.
Food: My favorite item form Andy’s is no longer available.  I won’t torture you, but they had a fried green tomato BLT sandwich.  The line cook told me they took it off the menu because they weren’t selling enough which was leading to subpar quality. Good reason to remove it I suppose.
I tried out the shrimp po’ boy sandwich.  Pretty simple sandwich: fried shrimp, lettuce, tomato, bang bang sauce on a toasted hoagie.  The sauce was the nicest part.  A little bit of red pepper flakes give it a small amount of heat.  Not knowing what the sauce is I’m guessing something like texas pete mixed with mayo.  This particular sandwich is too large for the bread.  Nearly impossible to pick up, eating it with the available plastic silverware didn’t make for a great lunch experience.  The toasted hoagie was just darn near impossible to cut through with a plastic knife.  I neglected to hang onto my receipt, but for the Shrimp Po’ Boy, French Fries, and a soda I paid ~$9.  The order of fries was a fairly healthy amount.
Shrimp Po Boy at Andys Farmers Market Grill

Shrimp Po Boy at Andys Farmers Market Grill

My lunch buddy opted for the Chicken Quesadilla.  It looked good.  In fact it made the short list of “I’d order it again”.  While it didn’t have much spice it was so simple all the ingredients could be appreciated.  The weird parts is that the salsa with it seemed to be from a jar or can.  You’d think with the restaurant being in the farmers market they’d at least make their own salsa.  The Quesadilla and a water ran ~$8.
Quesadillas at Andys Farmers Market Grill

Quesadillas at Andys Farmers Market Grill

Service: At a place like Andy’s service is as minimal as possible but pleasant.  Aside from ordering, paying and getting your food you probably won’t interact with any waitstaff.
I wouldn’t make a special trip for Andy’s, but I would for the farmers market.  So, if you’re headed to the farmers market, don’t worry about showing up hungry.  Stop by Andy’s for a bite first and then check out the local produce.

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