D&LP Subs- Tasty Food And Friendly People Make This Spot A Must

D&LP Subs is a small spot (just a few tables and some bar seating) tucked into a strip mall on 3rd street in Jacksonville Beach. They offer an extensive menu of pizza, subs, cheese steaks, salads, pasta dishes, wings, and more. On our visit we tried a variety of items but still felt that we barely made a dent in their menu.

D&LP Subs – Philly Cheese Steak

We started with the bruschetta from the appetizer portion of the menu. The serving size is generous (this was a common theme throughout the meal). One order included 6 pieces, each covered in a nice chunk of mozzarella, chopped tomatoes, herbs, and balsamic.

D&LP Subs – Bruschetta

The D&LP menu boasts a few unique pizzas including Greek and B.L.T. pizzas. For this visit we went with the Mexican pizza which was easily the consensus favorite of the meal. It’s a regular pizza crust but instead of tomato sauce and cheese it is topped with ground beef, onions, cheddar, salsa, lettuce, black olives and fresh tomatoes. The flavors mimic a taco or burrito but work perfectly with the crispy pizza crust.

D&LP Subs – Mexican Pizza and Pasta

The “mini” Philly cheese steak packed a lot of flavor and ooey gooey consistency. The “mini” size was about average for a sub sandwich, not particularly small. It was served piping hot.  Not a fan of the traditional Philly cheese steak? No problem, the menu includes pizza, chicken, turkey, and Buffalo chicken versions.

One of my dining companions happened to be a 16 month old so he indulged with the kid’s chicken finger meal. The chicken was lightly breaded but crispy. The fries were extra crispy and cooked just right. This was another item that had a very generous portion size. The kid’s meals are listed for 12 & under and even kids at the higher end of the range will likely be satisfied. I must confess, most of that meal was devoured by the adults at the table, not the little guy.

D&LP Subs – Kid’s Chicken Tenders

In an effort to try as many items as possible, we finished things off with the pasta combo (a piece each of lasagna, manicotti, and stuffed shells). It also came with garlic knots and a side salad. The pasta was pretty typical, certainly not bad but not a stand out compared to some of the other items we tried. The side salad, on the other hand, was above average and consisted of romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, croutons, and black and green olives.

We were pleasantly surprised by our recent experience at D&LP Subs. Located right on 3rd street, just a few blocks from JTB it would be easy to pass right by in favor of some of the flashier restaurants in the area, but if you want tasty food served in large portions by friendly people, you’ll find it in this unassuming spot at 1409 3rd Street South.

D&LP Subs – Side Salad

D&LP Subs – Pasta Sampler

D&LP Subs – Garlic Knots

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