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Owned by 4 sisters “straight off the boat” from Ireland, Culhane’s Irish Pub has become a staple of the beaches restaurant scene. Previously featured on the show Diners Drive-ins and Dives hosted by Guy Fieri on Food network, Culhane’s offers traditional, authentic Irish Pub Fare in a relaxed atmosphere. Simply come as you are and allow the Culhane sisters to give you a taste of Ireland at an affordable price.

Culhane's - Cod Sliders

Culhane’s – Cod Sliders

We started things off with the Reuben Egg Rolls appetizer ($9). The more we do reviews the more I am convinced that adventurous eaters should always start off the meal by allowing the waitress to choose a dish for the table to share. Some of the best things we’ve tried have been chosen by the waitress. I must confess I’m not a huge fan of reubens or egg rolls so when the waitress chose these eggrolls to start the meal I had my doubts as to whether or not I’d enjoy them. Boy was I wrong! I’d go out of my way to order this one again. The corned beef had fantastic flavor. The flavor of the sauerkraut matched really nicely with the other flavors in the egg roll. This appetizer really is something unique and fantastic.
Culhane's - Craic Garlic Chipper

Culhane’s – Craic Garlic Chipper

The other appetizer we got a chance to try was Karen’s Scotch egg ($9).  A scotch egg is a traditional English dish where a hard-boiled egg is wrapped in sausage, coated with breadcrumbs and baked or deep fried. Culhane’s serves theirs with a bit of mashed potatoes and a unique gravy. This was our first time trying a Scotch egg. It was a little bland for our taste but we enjoyed it. If you’re looking for something different you might want to give it a try.
Culhane's - Scotch Eggs

Culhane’s – Scotch Eggs

For an entree I went with the Shepherd’s pie ($10). Culhane’s Shepherd’s pie is unique in that it’s actually sweet and savory as opposed to a more typical straightforward savory taste. If you have a sweet tooth like me you’ll absolutely love it. If you’re not big on sweets you’ll probably want to choose a different entree. I find it truly fantastic. This Classic Irish dish has always been a favorite of mine. Culhanes now ranks near the top of my list. I’ll be back just to eat this dish. They also offer the shepherd’s pie over steak fries with queso, sour cream, and scallions over top. That sounds like a great choice
Culhane's - Shepherds Pie

Culhane’s – Shepherds Pie

My 14 year old tried the cod sliders ($11) and absolutely loved them. They were pretty straightforward. Fried cod served with tartar sauce on a little onion roll. They came ala carte and in a pair. For lighter appetites these seem like a good choice.
I’ve been to Culhane’s twice and the service was great both times. The waitress was friendly, knowledgable and attentive. The environment is really laid back and doesn’t have the bar feel that keeps me from bringing my kids. On this visit I did bring my 3 year old and my 14 year. Everyone at Culhane’s was very sweet to them and my 3 year old was given a coloring sheet and crayons to keep him occupied. Our food arrived really quickly. They definitely get an A+ for service. Culhane’s is one place we unequivocally recommend.

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