Blind Rabbit – A Classy Face Lift and a Good Fit for the Beaches

Blind Rabbit is a burger and whiskey bar in Jax Beach right off of 3rd Street (it faces 2nd Avenue). It is the sister restaurant to the popular food truck turned semi-swanky gastro pub, Blind Fig in Riverside. It actually is in the old Dick’s Wings space. The layout and furniture are rather familiar even though they’ve spruced the place up quite a bit. The folks at Blind Rabbit gave the space a classy face lift. You’d never know it used to house a wing place. Where the Blind Fig takes pub foods and turns them into culinary creations, the Blind Rabbit manages to accomplish the same with Burgers. Blind rabbit offers a wide array of burgers and a huge whiskey menu.

We ordered half the menu so buckle your seat belt as you come along for this culinary adventure! To start things off, we tried the gorgonzola cheese chips with balsamic reduction. It’s been a long time since we’ve had gorgonzola cheese chips of this caliber (Gorgonzola Fondue, Fresh Chives, Balsamic Glaze, $7.50). This thing is a monstrosity of crunchy cheesy goodness! The chips themselves were nice and crisp, with copious amounts of gorgonzola. The balsamic glaze was great, and the chive finish gave it a little unexpected extra layer of flavor. We loved the amount of food for the price and that each element although simple was executed well. Big points for presentation also. Delish!

Blind Rabbit - Gorgonzola Cheese Chips

Blind Rabbit – Gorgonzola Cheese Chips

The Onigeri was a special the day we dined. It was short rib, rice, and veggies, formed into a ball and fried. It had sort of an Asian flavor to it, reminding me of an egg roll, only better and with more meat. It was good.

Blind Rabbit - Onigeri

Blind Rabbit – Onigeri

We couldn’t pass up the bacon and corn croquettes (Avocado Corn Salsa, Spicy Jalapeno-Tomato Hot Sauce, Georgia Cane Syrup, $8) so we tried those as well. They were more like a fritter; a fried ball of dough with bacon and corn mixed in. These had a nice mild bacon flavor. The way bacon is used in dishes these days it’s quite often overpowering. It was nice to experience a dish that changed things up and used bacon as the co-star rather than the spotlight of the show. These had some spice to them. They were very good, and the spice was tamed by eating some avocado (which accompanied them) with each bite.

Blind Rabbit - Bacon and Corn Croquettes

Blind Rabbit – Bacon and Corn Croquettes

We split the southern burger (Fried Green Tomato, Creole Pimento Cheese, Peach Habanero Hot Sauce, Arugula, Georgia Cane Syrup, Pickled Okra, Artisan Bun, $12). Wow, what a burger! The burger itself was awesome- a mix of short rib, brisket, and ground beef. It was juicy and bursting with flavor. This item is another example of each component of a dish being done perfectly, making the result more delicious than the sum of its parts. From the fried green tomato to the unique choice of pimento cheese to the peach habanero hot sauce and even the pickled okra each topping took this burger up another notch. This burger is our favorite of all the burgers we’ve tried in Jax so far. It will be tough to top. Although this burger sounded too good to miss, I have a feeling there isn’t a bad burger at Blind Rabbit. The burger came with a side, so we ordered three. Of course. The bourbon whipped sweet potatoes tasted like thanksgiving. They were rich and yummy and there were loads of them. The goat cheese grits were fluffy and irresistible. I have a weakness for goat cheese. You know how at diners the grits are generally thin and small? These are basically the opposite, big and thick, with the addition of goat cheese. Yum! Note that if you’re a grits traditionalist you probably won’t like them. My dining companion wasn’t a fan. He’s very much a traditionalist when it comes to grits. The asparagus was pretty straightforward. It was sautéed and tender crisp. We ordered it because, well, did you read everything else we ordered? We needed something green besides a fried tomato.

Blind Rabbit - Southern Burger

Blind Rabbit – Southern Burger

We finished the meal with a s’more brownie in a jar (Belgian Chocolate Brownie, Peanut Butter Mousse, Graham Cracker Streusel, Brulee’d Marshmallow, $6). What makes a good brownie? We think a dense, chewy brownie is the best kind. This was more like a miniature truffle, with crushed graham cracker in the bottom, topped with a cake-like brownie, topped with peanut butter mousse, topped with marshmallow fluff that had been toasted on top. It sounds better than it was, unfortunately. The s’more brownie was disappointing, but the rest of the meal had been incredible.

As nice and trendy as the restaurant is, the staff could not be nicer or more personable. Our waitress was fabulous, guiding us through the menu and anticipating our needs. Other wait staff stopped to clear plates. It was a very pleasant meal. Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable outing. If you haven’t been to Blind Rabbit, go! Your taste buds will thank you.

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